Casting the Net (Promoter Score)

In the eight years since Fred Reichheld’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology burst onto the scene, it scaled the heights of fame only to be beset with accusations around its usefulness and authenticity.

In a recent issue of Marketing Research, I review the polarizing nature of NPS and suggest some new thinking to benefit those dealing with NPS today.  Like many new ideas, NPS had flaws in practice that were not immediately evident.  However, NPS provided benefits—like simplicity—too.  In the article, I explore NPS as we understand it now to uncover what about it works, and why, and for whom…and what about it doesn’t work, and why, and for whom.

I hope that you’ll see the value in this exploration, and find the article to be not only an overview of NPS’ virtues and shortcomings, but also an objective appraisal of what NPS really brings to the table.  In the article, I propose five steps that can help in deciding if NPS is right for you: Harnessing the very best of what NPS has to offer while providing practical direction and an approach which companies can use as a “reality check” throughout their own processes.

NPS still raises the ire of some and bolsters the faith of others.  My article does neither; it merely asks, “What next?” and proposes several answers that I hope you will find thought-provoking.