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About Heather Mitchell

Heather is a leader in the Qualitative space with over 16 years of research experience and a true passion for advancing methods and moderating techniques toward an end goal of well-informed business decisions. She joined the Financial Services Research division of Market Strategies with an objective to propel financial services Qualitative to even greater heights. She is an in-demand problem solver for many repeat clients – from wealth to banking to insurance to businesses of all sizes. Heather has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce with concentrations in Marketing and Management from the University of Virginia, a Masters of Research from the University of Connecticut, RIVA training, and Unilever moderator accreditation.

Ideation: Bringing Home the Bacon

Bacon? Bacon, bacon, BACON!

Wait! What do you mean you were only joking? I can’t actually buy bacon-flavored mouthwash? What a cruel April Fool’s Day joke. In a stunt that has gone viral on social media for a couple of years now, Procter & Gamble seems to be unveiling bacon as the latest in trendy, savory flavors for mouth refreshment.

Sticky Ideas

How did this new product hoax go viral while so many other new product launches fail to succeed? In the Heath brothers’ book “Made To Stick,” they lay out a communication framework for lasting ideas:

Success =

  1. Unexpected: Get people to pay attention. Bacon-flavored mouthwash vastly differs from the typical mint flavors that it inhabits a space all its own.
  2. Concrete: Understand and remember it. I saw a picture of the packaging and could visualize the product sitting on the store shelf and in my medicine cabinet at home.
  3. Credible: Agree and believe. The product had its own website and it’s on Facebook (so it MUST be true!). Also, the longer it perpetuated after April Fool’s Day, the more believable it became.
  4. Emotional: There are some who care deeply about bacon and there are those, like me, who just salivate Pavlovian at its mention. Bacon elicits an emotional response.
  5. Story: The call to action to soon purchase at a store near you prepped us to buy and participate.

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