Chad King

About Chad King

Chad King is a director of research and consulting in the Financial Services Research division. For the past 5 years at Market Strategies he has lead qualitative and quantitative research for financial services companies around CX, path-to-purchase, segmentation, product development and message/concept testing. Through these various types of research, Chad has placed a consistent emphasis on delivering insightful and actionable results. He earned an MBA in marketing and finance from Kent State University and a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Michigan State University. When not conducting research, Chad enjoys soaking up family time—mostly outdoors—with his wife and two sons.

Technology Changed the Purchase Journey, Now Research Has to Change Too

How Brands Can Benefit from Path-To-Purchase ResearchDo you know where your customers are coming from, how they decide which providers they choose and why? Technology has drastically changed the purchase journey for most businesses on multiple levels. Most purchase journey research is still treating the path as linear even though it is becoming increasingly dynamic and web-like, with unlimited interactions. While the linear-path to purchase journey research allows you to gain a general understanding of what your customers’ purchase path looks like, it doesn’t give you the details to craft a high-functioning customer acquisition and retention plan.

The reality is that capturing “how and when” people buy is pretty easy. But the journey is complex, so the tough part is distilling the data into useful information so you know exactly which actions to take. Path-to-purchase research should go beyond what the journey looks like—it should reveal the most important interactions for your potential customers and your brand. Continue reading