Seeking Right-Brained Chief Customer Officers

Seeking Right-Brained Chief Customer Officers

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once attributed his uncanny ability to read plays to, “I skate to where the puck is going to be.” That concept applies to utility chief customer officers and CX professionals; those who are tuned into consumer expectation trends understand where their “puck” is going to be.

Cogent Reports’ Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement (UTBCE) study is designed to understand customer engagement from a holistic perspective encompassing brand trust, product experience and operational satisfaction, but this blog post offers a simpler framework for customer experience. First up is marketing, which allows you to tell your customers what they can expect of you as a utility. Second, and just as important, is the actual experience customers have interacting with you—and where they judge whether your marketing was truthful or just blowing smoke.

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The Pizza Turnaround: Engaging Customers Through Marketing, Social Media and One Nifty App

2014 Michigan Social Media Brand IndexFor the third year running, Market Strategies International partnered with DBusiness to rank the top 50 Michigan-based companies on social media engagement. Read the full article, “Rules of Engagement,” just released in the November/December issue. The list includes brands with a national or even international footprint as well as those with a regional one, and is dominated by companies with a rich, multifaceted presence in the social space—engaging customers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Foursquare and various other social channels.

Last year, we focused some attention on regional pop company Faygo, looking into how its strong brand following has translated into social media success. This year, we are taking a look at international pizza chain Domino’s, whose “Pizza Turnaround” has resulted in a huge improvement in customer satisfaction, company revenue and business growth since the turnaround started in late 2009. According to Adrian Campos of The Motley Fool, Domino’s increased its customer satisfaction index score 12 percentage points, rising from 69% in 2000 to 81% in 2013. And Domino’s leads among top restaurant franchises—including Starbucks, Dunkin’ Brands, Yum! Brands and McDonald’s—in international store growth, growing 43% since the end of 2008. All of this by taking harsh customer feedback seriously and committing to making improvements? That is a brand story worth taking a closer look at. Continue reading