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Market Strategies International Earns ISO 20252 Certification

One of Only Three Companies in North America to Certify

Market Strategies International announced it has achieved ISO 20252 certification after attaining the global quality standards for organizations conducting market, opinion and social research. The standards are established by the International Standardization Organization (ISO), a network of institutes across more than 160 countries that set the service requirements.

“This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to serve clients well by delivering the well-designed and carefully executed market research necessary for them to make confident business decisions,” said Dr. Reg Baker, president and chief operating officer of Market Strategies.

“We are one of only three companies in North America to have certified to 20252 so all of our employees should feel a great sense of accomplishment as well,” he added.

To attain ISO certification, Market Strategies underwent an extensive process review by independent auditor, CASRO Institute for Research Quality (CIRQ). The review involved developing a certification plan, establishing an implementation team of unit managers and leaders across the company and following up with a detailed review of all project-related work processes.

“In a very real sense, this is only the beginning because the philosophy at the heart of ISO is one of continuous improvement. We need to continue learning, finding more efficient ways of doing things, improving our processes and creating a culture that constantly improves our production and service,” Baker said.

For more information on why ISO 20252 really matters, read Reg Baker's blog post on FreshMR.

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