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Gap Between Public Perceptions and Energy Resource Planning Revealed

Energy companies can develop best practices approach with the help of E2 Syndicated Study

Market Strategies International, a full-service custom and syndicated research and strategic consulting firm, has released its third E2 (Energy & Environment) syndicated study that identifies the differences between customer perceptions and actual industry realities in the energy industry.

These consumer perceptions can be used to implement efficient resource planning, better manage product development and design and launch communications strategies that will provide long-term benefits to energy companies.

"The information in E2 should really be shared across numerous departments within an energy company," said Market Strategies Vice President Jack Lloyd. "It can help such departments as public and regulatory affairs, resource planning and customer service develop more efficient strategies moving forward."

This proprietary E2 study reveals that consumers in general don't understand the factors that impact energy costs, delivery methods and infrastructure. It reveals the perceptions of such topics as renewable and efficient energy, the use of natural gas, nuclear and coal in the United States and what the perceived culprits of pollution are.

Full subscribers to the E2 study will receive quarterly webcast presentations and will have the opportunity to discuss the findings in person with Market Strategies staff. They will also receive a quarterly presentation report and access to a dedicated, proprietary Market Strategies web portal with current and past data.

"Managers and executives will want to see how this data has changed each quarter to determine how effective their strategies have been," Lloyd said.

The E2 study is a national sample of 1,000 internet panel participants surveyed from around the country. Survey responses are weighted by demographic criteria to align the panel data with key characteristics of an RDD telephone study.

For further information on this study, please contact:

Jack Lloyd
Vice President

Andrew Cober
Research Director

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