Market Strategies International

Syndicated Market Research

Providing accurate, actionable perspective and insight.

Reliable intelligence is at the core of a dynamic business strategy. That’s why our syndicated research studies, known as Cogent Reports™, deliver actionable information and critical insights where and when you need them. From a broad overview of the competitive landscape to focused reports on emerging issues, including brand awareness research and customer experience research,
you’ll have data that will not only inform your current decision making but will help you shape your organization’s future.

Building on the thought leadership across all of Market Strategies’ practice areas such as qualitative research and quantitative market research, Cogent Reports offer custom quality research at a syndicated price, enabling you to maximize your market research budget through a seamless blend of custom and syndicated solutions. Leverage our reports to:

  • Identify your firm’s brand strength and positioning relative to the market and your competitors
  • Pinpoint opportunities to improve loyalty and strengthen relationships with key constituents
  • Identify the business challenges and trends impacting specific industries

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