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Market Segmentation Research

Understanding what motivates an audience to buy, support or evangelize can be tough.

Traditional targeting methods that focus only on attitudes or behaviors are unreliable and limiting for marketers. Companies that dig deeper with customer experience research are much more likely to establish an emotional connection and create effective marketing strategies, at home and abroad.

The market & consumer segmentation research methods of Market Strategies International reveal richer and more dynamic customer segments by blending attitudes, needs, values and beliefs with lifestyle factors, path-to-purchase processes, decision processes, behaviors and demographics. This allows us to deliver the intelligence you need to identify your most promising audiences and appeal to their motivations.

Challenging Questions

Not all customers are created equal and not all consumer segments are good investments. Whether you need to explore overall market dynamics, match products to customer preferences or optimize communications, our segmentation market research helps you answer these questions:

  • Focus

    What primary and secondary segments should you focus on to improve business outcomes? On what basis should you develop tailored offerings and positioning?
  • Audience Evaluation

    Which audiences warrant additional investment? How well does your value proposition serve each of your audience segments? Which new audiences are most viable in the short- and long-term?

Customized Answers

Our custom segmentation study methodology outperforms traditional approaches used by other market research companies. It focuses on multiple dimensions simultaneously to create a blended segmentation that reveals groups of people that share more in common with each other than they do with other groups. Then, we analyze each dimension to identify:

  • Characteristics

    The characteristics that make members of a group similar to one another.
  • Differences

    The differences that set them apart from other groups.
  • Motivations

    The primary customer motivations that can form the basis of compelling messages.

In addition to primary qualitative market research and quantitative market research, customer views often originate from different sources including purchased data and internal records. We gather and reconcile multiple customer views to ensure all relevant information is included.

Our time-tested approach is designed to be flexible enough to address simple and complex goals, whether you are creating a new segmentation or augmenting an existing market segment. It results in crisply-defined groups that bring segments to life and are easily embraced throughout your company to improve marketing effectiveness. Our underlying segmentation study framework is particularly valuable because it remains relevant even as markets evolve, allowing you to shift your focus from continually defining targets to refining the messages you want them to receive.

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