Market Strategies International

Product Development Research

Bringing great ideas to market is risky. Companies need defensible research to guide strong products and identify optimal price points and effective new product marketing strategies.

Market Strategies International reduces the inherent risk of new product development. Over the years, we have helped companies launch and maintain hundreds of winning products and services through thoughtful utilization of industry research, new product research, and brand research to ensure your product launch meets the needs of your customers and their expectations of your brand and imagery.

The combination of our deep industry knowledge and retail market research expertise helps you recognize breakthrough ideas, understand potential audiences, discover unmet needs and optimize offerings. Whether your company is targeting a domestic or international market, you can trust Market Strategies to pave a confident path to success.

Challenging Product Development Questions

As you gauge the potential of new products and services, you'll encounter myriad questions. Our product development research consultants help you answer these questions:

  • Analysis

    Is your product novel and competitive? What is the optimal combination of features and price for your product? What is the likely demand for your new or redesigned product?
  • Offering

    Should you bundle your products or offer an a la carte menu to maximize revenues? How will the marketplace react if you or your competitors make a change like reducing price? How would a new product or a product line extension affect your existing offerings?

Customized Product Development Answers

Off-the-shelf analytic tools are fine for ordinary projects, but we find very few clients with ordinary needs. Our product development market research is based on custom methodologies built from scratch to support design, pricing and forecasting.

With more than 20 years of research expertise, Market Strategies helps you optimize your product or service and anticipate market uptake and customer experience throughout the development life cycle. Our qualitative and quantitative methodologies help you with:

  • Identification

    Identify the most promising ideas for further product development resources. Determine which aspects of your offering are "must haves," "satisfiers" and "delighters."
  • Configuration

    Configure your offering and price to maximize market penetration and/or profitability.
  • Tracking and Addressing

    Track attitudes, brand awareness, trial and usage for launched products and their competition. Address issues for mature products, such as exportability to new markets, the impact of line extensions and how to best reconfigure or replace products that are near their end of life.

In addition, we offer custom-designed simulators that enable you to run "what if" scenarios that examine demand in total and among modeled segments. These tools deliver consistently accurate and reliable results to support your product marketing strategy.

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