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Customer Experience Research

It's not enough to provide a good product or service at a fair price. Companies need to understand the customer experience on every level, from delivery of value to emotional satisfaction.

Successful companies place customers at the center of their decision-making process and develop strategies that deliver a consistently positive experience at every touch point.

Evolving into a customer-centric organization is no small feat. Market Strategies International helps you gather high-quality customer feedback, and blends it with an understanding of how the customer experience relates to internal and market factors. The result is confident business decisions led by a focus on understanding and managing the customer experience backed by intelligent market research and industry expertise.

Challenging Questions

Whether you need to measure the total customer experience, reveal the motivations behind loyalty or understand the ROI of specific strategies, our customer experience market researchers help you answer these questions:

  • Expectations

    What do customers expect from your company? How well is your business model delivering on overall expectations and specific touch points?
  • Metrics

    Which customer experience improvement initiatives will have the biggest impact on overall customer satisfaction? How do you link customer evaluations with internal operations and financial metrics? How well is your company performing compared with the competition?

Customized Answers

Market Strategies uses Impact Modeling, a customized methodology that captures your business process through the eyes of your customers. It goes beyond traditional market research analysis to tell you how your customers see you right now and what levers you can move (and how far you need to move them) to improve your outcomes. Impact Modeling improves organizational and financial performance by helping you:

  • Identify the business outcomes (satisfaction, retention, loyalty, etc.) you want to affect.
  • Accurately measure touch points throughout the customer experience.
  • Incorporate attitudinal and transactional data that relate to actual customer behavior.
  • Predict how efforts across the organization combine to create customer loyalty, satisfaction and financial performance.

In addition, our research consulting services include:

  • Transaction/touch point research for a focused, deep dive understanding of a specific customer touch point within your customer's total experience with your brand.
  • Tracking and feedback management services at the relationship and transaction level to continuously monitor your performance and the market.
  • Integrative research services to gather data from customers, employees, financial systems and the market to paint a holistic picture of what drives your business and aid in other areas such as product development research..

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