Market Strategies International

Communications & Message Research

Customers are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages daily. Rising above ambient noise is no longer an aspiration – it's a necessity.

Surprisingly, many marketing communication campaigns are based on little more than hunches, but brands that take the time to research customer needs and values can create compelling messages that inspire action.

Market Strategies International helps you reveal powerful messages. Our rigorous communications and message testing is based on 20 years of experience with positioning, branding and advertising effectiveness, and our industry experts use this knowledge to help you create uncommonly good communications.

Challenging Questions

Understanding which messages work and why helps your company connect with domestic and global customers in a way that motivates them to take action. Our communications and messaging market research experts help you answer these questions:

  • Messages

    What are the optimal messages for your product, service or brand? What is the relative persuasiveness of each message element being considered? How can individual messages be combined to support your overall positioning?
  • Reaction

    How can you anticipate the market's reaction to your campaign before it's launched?
  • Metrics

    What metrics can you put in place to judge the effectiveness of your campaigns over time?

Customized Answers

Whether you are creating a new brand, repositioning an existing product or launching an ad campaign, Market Strategies combines qualitative and quantitative research with our brand research methods to help you isolate the most persuasive marketing messaging. Our custom communication research methods include:

  • Positioning Framework

    To assess your target audiences' opinions and perceptions, identify credible concepts, track your campaign's reach and monitor impact across markets.
  • Message Testing

    To reveal your strongest themes and messaging elements, explain why certain messages resonate best and explore the nuances across multiple segments of buyers.
  • Communications Dial Testing

    To capture customers' true feelings and perceptions during every second of your multimedia communications.

When blended with our deep industry expertise, our message research solutions take the guesswork out of your communications market strategy and provide your creative, marketing and sales staff with meaningful results that drive confident business decisions.

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