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Recent News

Smart Grid and Smart Meter Technologies Little Understood

Seventy-nine percent of Americans claim to know little or nothing about the smart grid, while 76 percent lack knowledge or understanding of smart meters, according to results of the latest Market Strategies International E2 (Energy + Environment) Study.

Support for "Clean Coal" as Energy Source Growing

More than six out of ten Americans believe that the U.S. energy industry should increase its investments in “clean coal” power plants to meet energy demand over the next several decades.

Merchants Beware: Consumer Revolt Brewing

When asked a series of questions regarding what they would do if merchants stopped accepting various methods of payment, or introduced minimum charge amounts, many consumers' first response simply would be to “stop shopping at that merchant.”

Prediction: Consumer Conservatism Is Here to Stay

Consumers are shifting to a “pay as you go, live within your means” financial approach, according to the results of the newest research from Market Strategies International.

Lottery Dreams Aren't All About Spending Sprees

Results of Market Strategies' Consumer Financial Outlook study, conducted September 23-29, show that consumers with the good fortune to win the lottery would be conservative with their winnings and pay off their debt first.

Lilly, Novo Nordisk Share Top Spot for U.S. Diabetes Image Rankings

Endocrinologists, primary care physicians (PCPs) and nurse educators perceive Lilly and Novo Nordisk to have the best diabetes corporate image, with Lilly slightly outscoring Novo among endocrinologists and Novo outscoring Lilly among PCPs and nurses.