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Market Strategies' Latest Medicare Part D Tracking Study Indicates Beneficiaries Facing Extensive Barriers to Maintaining Rx Regimens

Market Strategies International (MSI), a full-service custom and syndicated research and strategic consulting firm, announced key findings from its latest tracking study of Medicare beneficiaries. MSI's study, which focused only on those beneficiaries who already hit the coverage gap or anticipate reaching the gap this year, found that those who have reached the gap reported spending much more on out-of-pocket costs than what those who anticipate hitting the gap expect to spend.

Doxus Merges with Market Strategies International

Market Strategies, Inc. (MSI), a leading full-service custom and syndicated market research firm, announced that it has merged with Doxus, a custom research firm specializing in the technology sector.

Market Strategies, Inc. Publishes Innovative Benchmarking Study of IVR/ASR Menus and Systems for Energy Utilities

Market Strategies International (MSI) announced the publication of an innovative, comparative benchmarking study on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) menus and systems for energy utilities. The study provides benchmark rankings and ratings for 56 energy utilities' IVR and ASR menus and systems (gas, electric, combination) which are measured on functionality, usability and aesthetics.

Nearly 50% of Retail Clinic Patients Needing a Referral for Follow-up Care are Being Referred to a Specific Practice or Physician by Name

Market Strategies, Inc. (MSI) announced additional key findings from its 2007 MSInsight: Retail Clinic Revolution study of 600 retail clinic users and 900 potential users. One of the most surprising findings uncovered by the MSI study is that strong referral networks are now forming between retail clinics and traditional healthcare systems operating around them.