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Scam Alert

An organization with no connection to Market Strategies has been placing fraudulent calls to consumers claiming to be from Market Strategies, offering a four-year vehicle warranty for $2,000. This is a scam and not a legitimate business proposition....

Cogent Reports: Affluent Americans Are Delaying Retirement

The expected retirement age among affluent pre-retirees today has gone up to 68–eight years higher than the actual retirement age reported by those already in retirement. There are multiple factors driving this delay including the anticipated sources of retirement income, and an overall lack of confidence among pre-retirees in their ability to meet all of their retirement income needs.

Cogent Reports: Improved Market Conditions Allow Institutional Investors to Contemplate Big Moves

Now that institutional investors in the US are reaping the rewards of improving market conditions, they are increasingly turning to specialized managers to fulfill their investment mandates. Yet, given divergent sets of needs, relatively few of the leading broad asset managers are poised to capture future mandates from both defined benefit pension and non-profit institutions.