Market Strategies International


Identify, explore and bring distinct market segments to life through focused qualitative segment research.

Advanced, insight-oriented approaches that incorporate classic and contemporary psychodynamic theory allow our senior qualitative research specialists to reveal richer, more dynamic segments. We use a variety of projective techniques to create unique maps of the subconscious mind, identify distinctive segments of opportunity and expose the underlying needs and motivations that drive customer perception and decision making. This powerful market-focused approach combined with a deeper understanding of your current and future audience through customer experience research and brand awareness research enables us to deliver the intelligence you need to identify your most promising audiences among distinct market segments and appeal to their core human needs and motivations.

Methods Utilized:

In Situ Groups

Focus groups conducted directly where respondents live, work and play.

Psychodiagnostic Groups / Digital

Approach that explores underlying needs and emotional triggers using projective techniques and a proprietary analytic process.

Immersion / Virtual Ethnography

Virtual research tool to obtain real-time respondent insights using asynchronous video streams.

Passive Device Monitoring

A metering application installed on respondents' mobile devices to collect and analyze objective behavioral data built over a time period.

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