Market Strategies International

Qualitative Data Collection & Research

New qualitative market research methodologies and ageless tools to cultivate insights.

It isn’t enough to try and discern the needs of your customers through sales figures anymore. Understanding what your audience needs from your products and expects from your brand requires an in-depth process of asking the right questions and observing the decision making process through every step. This is where our qualitative market research teams come in.

We have created six methodological suites to address clients' needs and expectations. Each suite contains a mix of innovative, new methodologies and ageless qualitative data collection tools, which we combine with longitudinal streams of learning to generate consultative insight for our clients. Our senior qualitative research consultants have decades of experience informing and inspiring confident business decisions for a number of the world's most famous brands, across myriad industries. 

These suites and methodologies, alongside our in-depth quantitative market research avenues such as surveys, can provide your brand with a greater understanding of its position in the market and its perception across the minds of the customers you value both.