Market Strategies International

Brand Positioning / Message Development

Develop, modify and optimize brand strategy, positioning and communications.

A differentiated brand, positioning and communications strategy is the key to driving revenue, market share, profitability and long-term brand asset value. Our seasoned qualitative research consultants select and utilize the most advantageous approaches that–when coupled with decades of experience successfully guiding some of the world's leading organizations through multiple phases of brand research–deliver the consultative insight our clients need to make confident business decisions.

Methods Utilized:

Ageless (Groups, IDIs)

In-facility focus groups and in-depth interviews that clients can observe live or via video streaming.

In Situ Groups

Focus group-based customer experience research conducted directly where respondents live, work and play.

Bulletin Boards

Asynchronous threaded chat sessions with 10-20 respondents over 2-3 days. Respondents can react to various stimuli and post responses in a form of text, images and audio / video.

Stream of Consciousness

Technique for eliciting spontaneous associations that are instantly categorized and interpreted by respondents.

Digital Mindmaps

Trees of associations and semantic connections in consumers' minds elicited, illustrated and analyzed via digital tablet or laptop.

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