Market Strategies International

Path-to-Purchase Research

Document and understand all facets of shopper motivations and purchase decision making.

Most purchase journey research is being treated as a linear path even though it is increasingly dynamic and web-like. Our senior qualitative research consultants utilize a variety of research methods and approaches to gain deeper insights into the judgments and choices that influence the shopping experience, how decisions are being made and how to improve demand generation. Through a deep understanding of customer motivations, considerations and paths, you’ll know where you’re doing well and where there’s room to improve. The result is a well-informed strategy of how and where you can win.

Methods Utilized:

Data harvested from these and other methods can help enhance understanding of customer path-to-purchase as well as aid in further product development research down the line to further broaden your understanding of how customers respond to your products.

Video Diaries

Respondents create their own videos to show their experiences, behaviors and needs in a shopping environment.

Hidden Camera / Eye Tracking

A tool that follows a shopper's eye gaze in a retail environment and tracks the impact of various stimuli such as packaging, shelf placement and POS materials.

Shopalongs / Ethnographies

In-depth immersions to explore consumers' path-to-purchase, specific triggers and interactions with brands and products in a shopping environment.

Mobile Journaling

Personal shopping and consumption journal to reveal habits, motives and future intentions through real-time feedback.

Shopper Diaries

Consumers' self-reports to illustrate their shopping patterns, attitudes, and needs.

QR Surveys / Polls

Respondents capture QR codes with their smartphone camera and link directly to a spontaneous mobile survey. Questor-enabled software probes responses using online laddering.

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