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Marketing & Data Science

Market Strategies International is passionate about applying industry expertise and intelligent research to solve our clients' toughest business challenges.

At the heart of our ability is our Marketing & Data Sciences group, a data collection team dedicated to creating custom analytic designs to support critical market intelligence and provide the decision support analysis you need to make confident decisions.

Among market research organizations, the academic quality and scientific rigor of our Marketing & Data Sciences group is unmatched. Our research scientists draw on post-graduate training and credentials in such diverse fields as economics, applied mathematics, operations research, statistics and psychology. But what makes our marketing scientists uncommon is their ability to use data science in marketing to address real, everyday business challenges through custom and syndicated research.

Science and Strategy

We understand that market research, no matter how scientifically pristine, is only successful when it achieves measurable business results. Whether you need traditional or innovative market research analysis, our Marketing & Data Sciences group works side by side with you and our industry experts to address your toughest research challenges from brand research, communications research and customer experience research to product development and segmentation.

Tools and Techniques

Market Strategies advises and collaborates with you to provide meaningful results through the use of techniques and analytical designs that are customized to meet your objectives. Using our interactive desktop simulators, you can: optimize product design, pricing and forecasting; project segments onto your customer database; isolate the most effective messaging and predict how efforts across your organization combine to create customer loyalty. Not only do these decision support tools allow for advanced planning, but they ensure that the insights live far beyond the final report.

Big Data

The volume and complexity of data available is expanding at a rate beyond the ability of most companies to harness it. Many companies are asking, "How can we find meaning in this avalanche of data?"

At Market Strategies, we believe the solution lies at the intersection of "why?" and "what?" Traditional research reveals why customers feel the way they do. Big data reveals what customers do. Taken in isolation, each type of research can be myopic, only addressing a single dimension of the customer. But, Market Strategies helps you create a holistic view of your customers.

How? By using our Continuous Improvement Cycle™ (CIC), a market research framework that blends traditional attitudinal research and big data behavioral research. The CIC helps companies use market research to better understand what customers are doing, why they are doing it and, most importantly, how to change their actions. It also minimizes the need for customer surveys and leverages data you already have at your fingertips.

Ultimately, the CIC maximizes business impact by targeting messages, promotions and products and minimizes risk by determining in advance how successful and impactful these marketing efforts will be. Contact Greg Mishkin to learn more.

Clear Direction

As for research reports? No more bookends here. One of the things that sets Market Strategies apart from the competition is our ability to distill mountains of data into easy-to-understand, expressive deliverables that shine light on your best course of action. Our domestic and international market research clients tell us time and again that they keep their research reports close at hand and refer to them often when making strategic business decisions.

Learn how our custom analytics and research consulting can benefit your company.

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