Market Strategies International

Consumer Immersion

Understand specific consumer or customer in-situ behaviors to understand their lifestyles, relationship, need states and brand use through immersive market research and consumer observation.

When it comes to brand research, few factors are more important than understanding how your brand is perceived at the exact moment your audience interacts with it. Viewing respondents as they go about their lives utilizing particular products and services is a powerful way to gain insight into the perception and reputation of both your brand and any competitors in a similar spaceOur seasoned qualitative research consultants combine these observations with innovative methods, approaches and techniques as well as our strong background in communications research, to formulate contextual insight and the fresh perspective clients need to make confident business decisions.

Methods Utilized:

Video Diaries / Self Directed

Respondents create their own videos to show experiences, attitudes and needs related to a marketing topic or question that relates to your brand, and provides a better understanding of the market needs of your clients through direct communication.

Day-in-the-Life Ethnographies

In-depth immersions to explore consumers' lifestyle, values and daily routines to bring a particular target group to life.

Video Ethnographies

Virtual research tool to get real-time respondent insights using asynchronous video streams.


A hybrid of cultural anthropology and diagnostics. Ethnographic immersions conducted with the same person/family over time, combined with in-depth interviewing techniques to deliver a deeper understanding of occurring changes.

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