Market Strategies International

Early Stage Market Research

Identify need states and white space for innovation, new product development and market positioning.

By utilizing in-depth methodology throughout each stage of the marketing research process, our clients benefit from diverse methods that capture information in "real time" and provide a more complete understanding of attitudes, behaviors and the underlying motivations that drive brand/product/service affinity and decision making. When coupled with game-changing insight from our seasoned qualitative research consultants, our methods have helped some of the world's most admired brands successfully choose which opportunities to pursue aggressively.

Methods Utilized:

Photo Safari

Image capture technique utilizing mobile devices as recording tools.

Psychodiagnostic Approaches

Approach that explores underlying needs and emotional triggers using projective techniques and a proprietary analytic process.

Tactical Workshops

Turnkey approach to develop, identify and evaluate marketing and product solutions.

Online Methodologies

Virtual qualitative methodologies conducted among geographically dispersed or difficult-to-reach respondents.

Ethnography / Exploration

In-depth customer immersion research to explore consumers' preferences, motivations and interactions with brands and products in the environment where they happen.

Video Diaries

Respondents create their own videos to show their experiences, attitudes and needs related to a marketing topic or question.

Advocacy / Sentiment

Online collection protocol to extract information from web and social media conversations.

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