Market Strategies International

Telephone Research Centers

Market Strategies manages its own Custom and Integrated Telephone Research Centers that include the telephone "field" interviewing staff and all supporting management, quality assurance and supervisory personnel.

Our research centers are located strategically throughout North America with specific locations listed below. The Telephone Survey Research Centers are open seven days a week.

Market Strategies places great importance on the interviewer's role in the research process. As a result we make significant investments in training our professional interviewers on the latest market research survey techniques. We recognize the importance of compensating our interviewers with appropriate salaries and benefits to ensure the highest level of data quality for our clients, while supporting our interviewers' efforts with the latest in technological tools. As such, Market Strategies is committed to attracting and retaining the highest quality interviewing and supervisory staff.

London, Ontario

171 Queens Ave
Suite 200
London, Ontario, Canada N6A5J7

Nashville, TN

828 Royal Parkway
Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37214-3758

North Little Rock, AR

5035 Warden Road
North Little Rock, AR 72116

As members of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) and European Society of Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR), we strive to model our policies according to those guidelines. Our internal Privacy and Security Compliance Officer is available if you have questions about our Privacy Policy or for processing a complaint. If you are concerned about our use of personal or client information, or would like a copy of our security policy, please contact us by email at or by telephone at 800.420.9366 and request to speak with our Privacy and Security Compliance Officer.

Contact us to learn more, or call +1.800.420.9366.