Market Strategies International

Customer Relationship Research

Map and assess interactions between customers and brands, products or services to improve satisfaction and deepen relationships.

Superb customer experiences can lead to deeper brand relationships while achieving growth in revenue, profitability, brand asset value and more. Our senior qualitative brand research consultants get closer to customer touch points by utilizing an array of tools, enabling them to live "in the moment" with respondents and gain the richest possible understanding of each experience. Then, they blend this insight with decades of experience in marketing, branding, advertising and sociology to provide a customer experience strategy that will inspire clients to create the optimal customer experience.

Methods Utilized:

Listening Post / Netnography

Virtual research tool to obtain real-time insights into respondents' digital and social media behavior.

Close ups / Opt-in Research (Encounters)

After completing a customer satisfaction survey, respondents are asked to opt-in to participate in an additional qualitative "deep-dive."

Video Diaries

Respondents create their own videos to show their experiences, behaviors and needs.

Optimal Customer Experience Mapping / Digital

Tracking, analyzing and visualizing the customer experience throughout all touch points with a brand.

Customer Trip

Mapping a customer decision-making path at the POS and identifying key influencers.

Digital Ecosystem Mapping

Detecting and exploring an ecosystem of factors that impact consumer decision-making path and relationship with the brand. Data are collected, processed and visualized via digital tablet or laptop.

For a more complete picture of your customers’ experience with your brand overall and how it relates to their lives, our researchers also offer brand research and messaging research to help provide more actionable data across every step of the brand awareness and purchasing cycles. 

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