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For your viewing pleasure, Market Strategies offers snackable presentations, recordings and clips discussing some of the trends dominating the market research industry and how we can use this knowledge to better serve you.

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Recent Library Items

Touchpoints Portal Tour

This 3-minute tour highlights the features and benefits of our Touchpoints portals. Learn how you can measure the reach and impact of marketing efforts, benchmark against the industry averages and best-in-class providers and monitor the effectiveness of programmatic modifications to marketing campaigns.

Media Consumption Portal Tour

This 3-minute tour highlights the features and benefits of our Media Consumption portals. Learn how you can continuously monitor media usage patterns and preferences among advisors and investors using this state of the art new tool.

Revolutionize Your Customer Experience

Spend two minutes with us to learn how a new measurement program and a built-in, closed-loop system can revolutionize your brand's member experience program and empower employees to make lasting improvements in customer experience.

Getting Friendly with Unintentional Mobile Respondents

Respondents use smartphones to take non-mobile designed online surveys in increasingly greater numbers each year. In this 11 minute narrated presentation, Gregg Peterson discusses the data collection challenges presented by these "unintentional" smartphone survey takers.

Who is Market Strategies?

In this 3-minute video you will get to know some of the wonderful people at Market Strategies as they share their passion for providing clients with intelligent research that leads to confident business decisions.

Survey Gamification: Old Wine in New Bottles?

Gamification has been the hottest MR topic of 2011. There has been no shortage of creative thinking about how the principles underlying games might be used in a research setting to uncover new insights. And a good deal of controversy as well. Listen as Market Strategies' Reg Baker weighs in on the use of game mechanics in market research.