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What can meaningful market research do for your business?

The following case studies are just a few examples of our successes. See how intelligent research, effective marketing strategies and impactful results helped our clients better meet the needs of their customers, earn stronger positions in the marketplace and make confident decisions to grow their organizations.

To find out more about a specific case study, or to learn how our knowledge could be applied to your business, contact us.

Recent Library Items

Finding the Winner–Maximizing Ad Effectiveness among the Affluent

Designing effective ad campaigns is becoming increasingly difficult as companies are getting more and more creative in vying for the attention of consumers. With less glitz and glamour than the newest smartphone or blockbuster movie, financial services firms are facing an even harder challenge in competing for the attention of their audience. See how Cogent Reports helped.

Case Study: Advisor Data, On-Demand

In a rapidly changing environment, making informed decisions has never been more challenging. Financial services firms need sophisticated, real-time market feedback to meet an increasing demand for reliable and representative data to inform strategic business decisions.

Expanding a Global Brand Footprint

Firms can have strong brand awareness in the US but fail to capture mindshare internationally. With global expansion a strategic priority for one of our clients, they opted to establish a new name serving clients across all markets. See how Cogent Reports helped.

Leveraging Quantitative and Attitudinal Data to Improve Marketing Effectiveness

As competition for the attention and assets controlled by financial advisors intensifies, asset managers are searching for ways to better identify, target and communicate with advisors about their products and services. This case study reveals how one client utilized our products to increase marketing effectiveness and ROI.

Using Data-Driven Analysis to Identify New Targets

If you are a company with a well-established brand in a well-defined market, how do you find areas for growth outside your current client base while maintaining your brand identity and promise? One of our clients, a large distributor, needed help in identifying a new target group of investors with similar needs compared with its core customer segment.

Quantifying the Impact of Brand Campaigns Targeting Financial Advisors

As competition to reach financial advisors intensifies, asset managers are increasingly augmenting sales and marketing outreach with paid advertising. Download this Case Study to see how one of our clients successfully measured their ROI and media buying strategy.