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Brands in the Wake of a Media Storm

Tech brands are under the microscope and have been in the news a lot over the past couple of years. This study demonstrates the benefits of brand health research and the practical ways it can mitigate the impact of negative news coverage.

Caregivers, A Crucial Segment of the Healthcare Market

Caregivers play a crucial role in the healthcare industry today, but their significance may be bigger than you think—our new study shows just how much. This white paper will help healthcare marketers establish a business development strategy for this large market group.

Six Key Elements to Managing a Successful Brand

Today's dynamic market means that customer perceptions of your brand are always changing–if your brand is not responding and evolving to shifting consumer perceptions, you run the risk of becoming stale or, worse, irrelevant. This white paper outlines the steps you can take to position your brand to withstand unexpected events or incidents.

The Emotional Value of Sponsorships

As the world is increasingly shifting from television to web- and app-based media offerings, what is the future of traditional sports sponsorships? This white paper explores the impact the changing digital landscape will have on sports sponsors as they look to put their brands in front of fans.

Standing Out From the Pile

In the July issue of Quirk's Marketing Research Review, Market Strategies VP Research and Consulting, Mike Berinato, explores the elements of winning 
credit card offers.

Solving the Institutional Satisfaction Puzzle

Despite the historic bull market in 2017 that boosted performance for many investment strategies, institutional investors' overall satisfaction with their existing asset managers has declined sharply from the previous year. Yet, in spite of these negative trends, there are some intriguing alternatives for asset managers looking to meet the changing needs of institutional investors.

Why Credit Card ‘Side Perks' Are Disappearing

In this Nerd Wallet article, Mike Berinato shares findings from a Market Strategies financial services study, which reveals why the mass catalog approach isn't working well for card issuers.

The Xfinity Mobile Effect

Comcast's foray into the coveted “Quad Play” space is paying off–Xfinity Mobile is performing well both as a wireless service and as a tool that enhances Comcast's core Xfinity Internet and TV businesses. This report provides an in-depth competitive assessment of the Xfinity Mobile Quad Play.

The Power of Utility-Branded Marketplaces

A utility marketplace is an e-commerce platform that connects utilities with consumers by offering energy-saving household products and services. In partnership with Simple Energy, Market Strategies offers this white paper to help energy utilities understand what is driving the need for and what to consider when implementing a marketplace platform.