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Recent Library Items

The Power of Utility-Branded Marketplaces

A utility marketplace is an e-commerce platform that connects utilities with consumers by offering energy-saving household products and services. In partnership with Simple Energy, Market Strategies offers this white paper to help energy utilities understand what is driving the need for and what to consider when implementing a marketplace platform.

Tracking Affluent Investor Sentiment

To gauge investor sentiment and monitor important changes over time, Cogent includes a series of questions in our monthly Cogent Beat Investor survey. Respondents are asked to identify how they feel “right now” about the current investment environment. Updated quarterly.

Obstacles to IoT Adoption in the Workplace

This article by TechWebSpace highlights findings from a technology study on the internet of things. The article reviews the obstacles that IoT technology needs to address.

Product Development for Energy Utilities

Tesla, Apple and Google are looking for opportunities to disrupt the longtime-standing business of providing energy services. This is a flexible and modular guide to help utilities innovate products and put utilities back in the driver's seat as trusted advisors to their customers.

“The “Haves” and “Have Nots” Among the Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things (IoT) market has tremendous potential and is highly competitive. But for the IoT market to fulfill its potential, companies developing products and services in this space need to figure out how to better connect with consumers.This report will help companies better understand how to connect with consumers and gain a competitive advantage.

The Path to Credit Card Differentiation

This report will provide credit card issuers a better understanding of how to effectively leverage credit card benefits to win new customers and maintain user loyalty.

Portrait of a Likely to Switch Plan Sponsor

While the 401(k) industry is broad, the subset of DC plans seeking a new provider is actually quite limited. For plan providers and investment managers aiming to win the business of plans in transition, it's crucial to understand how to reach and appeal to the most receptive prospects.