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Recent Library Items

Caregivers, A Crucial Segment of the Healthcare Market

Caregivers play a crucial role in the healthcare industry today, but their significance may be bigger than you thinkā€”our new study shows just how much. This white paper will help healthcare marketers establish a business development strategy for this large market group.

The Power of Utility-Branded Marketplaces

A utility marketplace is an e-commerce platform that connects utilities with consumers by offering energy-saving household products and services. In partnership with Simple Energy, Market Strategies offers this white paper to help energy utilities understand what is driving the need for and what to consider when implementing a marketplace platform.

Ensuring a Smooth Experience for Electric Vehicle Customers

An energy utility needed to ensure that its customers interested in electric vehicles have a positive experience from the time they first reach out about EVs through the electrical home modifications to rate plan enrollment and vehicle charging.

Revolutionize Your Customer Experience

Spend two minutes with us to learn how a new measurement program and a built-in, closed-loop system can revolutionize your brand's member experience program and empower employees to make lasting improvements in customer experience.

Custom Calibrated Monitoring

Is your organization struggling with how to measure call center effectiveness? Market Strategies has developed a new technique called Custom Calibrated Monitoring, and it's a fresh approach to improving your call center customer experience.

Adrift in a Sea of Data Points

Learn how Market Strategies helped AAA revolutionize its member experience measurement program and empower employees across the organization to make immediate and lasting improvements in member experience.

Getting Beyond the Buzz

There has been much buzz about Big Data and its promise but how could it drive strategy and insight at your company? These thought starters may spark ideas about how to leverage your company's Big Data exhaust.

The Trouble With Tracking

The sheer volume of market changes that financial services companies have contended with over the past five years is daunting. What unexamined trendline could remain relevant and prove useful to companies through all of these changes?