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Recent Library Items

The Emotional Value of Sponsorships

As the world is increasingly shifting from television to web- and app-based media offerings, what is the future of traditional sports sponsorships? This white paper explores the impact the changing digital landscape will have on sports sponsors as they look to put their brands in front of fans.

Advisors and Their Media Consumption Habits

It’s imperative for asset managers not to lose sight of what’s most important to advisors. The companies that stand to gain the most are those that can understand the diverse needs of the advisor population and then leverage that understanding to better reach and serve individual advisors.

Finding the Winner–Maximizing Ad Effectiveness among the Affluent

Designing effective ad campaigns is becoming increasingly difficult as companies are getting more and more creative in vying for the attention of consumers. With less glitz and glamour than the newest smartphone or blockbuster movie, financial services firms are facing an even harder challenge in competing for the attention of their audience. See how Cogent Reports helped.

What Drives Trust in the Wireless World?

Whom do customers trust to provide their wireless service? Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint are facing the stiffest competition in decades, especially as cable powerhouses like Comcast and Charter join the fray. And what would happen if Microsoft, Amazon and Apple threw their hats into the wireless ring?

Sneak Peek from StreamOn™ Report

StreamOn is a study on the consumer needs driving the rapidly changing and increasingly competitive streaming video marketplace. Download a sneak peek to see what's inside.

Brand Health in the 2017 Social Media Space

Are you curious to know the #1 brand health metric that social media must own to win? We recently indexed three brand health metrics that drive social media engagement: Overall Satisfaction, Keeps Me Connected and Positive View of Brand. See how top social media brands stack up!

Commitment to the Patient / Provider Relationship

With the rapid increase in the number of hospital-employed physicians, it's not surprising that health systems are trying to learn more about the patient/provider relationship. Developing a robust and powerful way to measure this relationship is becoming more important.

Advisor Marketing Recall: 2016 Year in Review

Based on our 2016 Advisor Touchpoints™ data, this white paper provides insights into the mutual fund, ETF and variable annuity providers that created the strongest connections with advisors as well as the share of voice achieved by leading providers across nine individual marketing touches.

Engaging Businesses in a New Era of Utility-Customer Relationships

Facing eroding profitability, increased customer choice, and regulatory and customer pressure to boost demand-side programs, it's clear that energy utilities and retailers must strengthen their customer relationships. This white paper was written with EnerNOC.

Differentiating a Global Pharmaceutical Company

A pharmaceutical company wanted to reassess its value proposition to physicians, and develop positioning that would help them assume leadership of a previously undifferentiated market.