Market Strategies International


Innovation and adaptability are critical to the success of today's telecommunications companies.

Market Strategies International helps achieve both by delivering telecommunications market analysis & research consulting that effectively guides your business decisions and makes a positive impact on your bottom line.

We've been helping the world's leading providers of traditional voice, wireless voice/data and high-speed internet/networking services grow profitably since 1989, and our team of specialized telecommunications industry research consultants is continually attuned to the issues you face every day. Using telecom industry analysis, brand analysis, and a cutting-edge understanding of what your audience is looking for, we create intelligent research and informed marketing strategies to help you reduce the risk associated with making critical business decisions.


Our qualitative and quantitative expertise extends to a broad range of telecommunications services and industry sectors, including:

  • Telecommunications Providers

    Integrated telecommunications, wireless and CLECs
  • Video Content Providers

    Cable and satellite communications
  • Equipment Manufacturers

    Handset and network component providers


The Market Strategies telecom analysis team is skilled at researching a wide range of audiences to secure reliable, accurate market intelligence. The audiences we research regularly include:

  • Consumers

  • Wireless and landline customers
  • Video services customers
  • Broadband customers
  • Recent transaction customers
  • Retail store visitors
  • Recently disconnected customers
  • New customers
  • Businesses

  • Telecommunications decision-makers
  • Accounting and billing personnel
  • Network services group customers
  • Recipients of recent sourcing RFPs