Market Strategies International


The evolution of the cloud and the consumerization of IT have triggered a seismic shift in the technology industry.

IT has impacted how providers engage with business customers and individual users as well as how companies support personal devices while ensuring the security of intellectual property. With decades of experience in technology market studies, analysis, and surveys serving Fortune 500 companies, the technology market researchers and market research consultants at Market Strategies International have earned a reputation for helping clients navigate continuous change while building stronger products, smarter campaigns and more successful brands.

We work with B2B and B2C brands around the world, and our deep knowledge of underlying technology and market dynamics enables us to identify the motivations that inspire customers to take action.


Our expertise extends to a broad range of technology market research consulting needs and market sectors, including:

  • Software

    Delivered via the cloud or on-premise including operating systems, enterprise applications, middleware, network and service management, entertainment and productivity software, security and antivirus software, development environments and tools
  • Networks and Data Centers

    High-end, mid-range and small business servers, storage and networking infrastructure and management
  • Client Devices

    Desktop PCs and Macs, tablet PCs and handheld devices
  • Wireless

    Wireless LANs, wide-area wireless and telecom
  • Printing and Imaging

    Enterprise imaging and printing, commercial/production digital printing and copying
  • Cloud Computing & Hosting Services

    Cloud and hosting, integration, consulting, technical support and developer support
  • Technology Channels

    Reseller channels, e-tailers and "big box" electronics retail


Market Strategies has also refined the art of communicating with coveted technology audiences. Whether you need to reach out to IT executives or gamers, we understand how to conduct the most meaningful research interactions, talking about technology in a way that feels intuitive to the audience. We regularly research:

  • IT implementers
  • IT decision-makers
  • IT executives
  • Business decision-makers
  • Developers and software architects
  • Information workers and consumers
  • Specialty audiences, including teens and gamers