Market Strategies International


Today's healthcare marketplace is dynamic, competitive and complex. Costs are escalating, dissatisfaction is growing among all stakeholders and access to care is becoming more challenging.

Domestic and international clients need to understand the perceptions, motivations, behaviors and, most importantly, decision-making processes that drive healthcare choices. The researchers and consultants at Market Strategies International have expert knowledge in all healthcare industry research areas and collaborate with you to develop solutions that support confident business decisions.

We excel at evaluating new pharmaceutical and biotech products in a variety of therapeutic and specialty areas; analyzing the best opportunities for penetrating marketplaces, improving membership engagement and retention; and helping clients understand how their customers are responding to healthcare reform. We leverage quantitative and qualitative research solutions, including the latest advances in discrete choice modeling and segmentation, to address many healthcare market research needs such as customer experience research, brand equity research and positioning and messaging.

Healthcare Industry Research Expertise

Our expertise extends to a broad range of healthcare industry research consulting needs and health market sectors, including:

  • Traditional and Specialty Pharmaceuticals

    Market research in the pharmaceutical industry including Fortune 500 drug manufacturing companies; niche market focus including oncology, rheumatology and nutritional supplements
  • Health Insurers

    Insurance industry research for group, individual and Medicare markets as well as ancillary products
  • Healthcare Providers

    Physician/specialty groups and retail clinics
  • Hospital and Healthcare Systems

    Multi-hospital and clinic systems, specialty hospitals and independent hospitals
  • Healthcare Infrastructure Organizations

    Suppliers of information and products to the healthcare system
  • Access to Care

    Issues related to delivering affordable and effective care to all Americans


Over the past 20 years, we have developed an uncommonly strong rapport with many healthcare industry audiences, including hard-to-reach populations. We specialize in conducting research with:

  • Key opinion leaders
  • Consumers
  • Payers
  • Caregivers
  • Employee benefits decision-makers
  • Employee benefits brokers and consultants
  • Healthcare practitioners (primary care physicians, specialists, nurses and pharmacists)

Cogent Reports™

Our syndicated healthcare market research is committed to keeping clients abreast of emerging trends that maximize revenue potential, while identifying issues and topics that will shape the future direction of the industry. Learn how Cogent Reports provide the perspective necessary to strengthen brands and influence target audiences.