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Financial Services

Regulatory changes. A low-return environment. FinTech. The Financial Services industry is facing an era of unprecedented disruption, and you need a market research partner to navigate the changes.

The low-trust environment that plagues the financial services sector has made it extraordinarily vulnerable to disruptive change. These changes manifest themselves across several fronts, including:

  • Financial regulation law, where the DOL Fiduciary ruling will alter the landscape for advisors, asset managers and investors
  • A low rate and return climate that will require continued monitoring and adjustment as the pace of change accelerates
  • Technological, where mobile and robo have given rise to consumers who now expect an "always on," seamless, omnichannel experience

And while technology makes it easy to interact and share information, striking the perfect balance between human and tech to earn trusted partner status is challenging. When you combine all of these forces, you have the recipe for continued pressure on financial results.

The silver lining? This environment provides exceptional opportunity for firms that know how to harvest information, innovate and create a customer-focused business. Market Strategies' financial services market research consultants understand the pressures that you and your stakeholders face. Our financial market research and fintech industry analysis can help you through this maze of change and work with you to develop the products and services, the messages and positioning, the brand and strategy to win.

Financial Services Market Research Expertise

Our analysts combine deep financial, insurance, & wealth management industry knowledge with a broad spectrum of research and data analysis tools to deliver insights that help you grow your business and your brand. And our qualitative and quantitative expertise extends to a wide range of sub-sectors within the larger financial services industry, including:

  • Wealth Management

    Investment and asset management firms, distributors, life & annuity insurance companies. Learn more about our wealth management industry analysis methods and metrics.
  • Retail and Commercial Banks

    Consumer, affluent, private banking, small to large commercial
  • Insurance Companies

    Auto, property and commercial lines
  • Credit Products

    Mortgages, home equity, personal and commercial lending
  • Payment System Card Products

    ATMs, online banking, payment networks
  • Alternative Payments

    Mobile, SMS, contactless, digital wallets

Audience Research

No one can match our understanding of the audiences that matter to the financial services industry. And no one can reach them more effectively. When you are making critical decisions, you need to know you are hearing from the right people. Market Strategies gives you that confidence.

  • Advisors, agents, plan sponsors, analysts, bankers and brokers: We speak with them every day and have our own licensed, proprietary databases
  • Consumers in developed and emerging markets, spanning from high net worth to the unbanked/underbanked to cover the full spectrum of consumers
  • Investors including retail, corporate, plan participants and institutional
  • Business decision makers, from small business to global enterprises and from mid-level managers to the C-suite and board
  • Financial technology services end-users and decision makers

Cogent Reports™

Our syndicated financial services research is widely regarded as the industry leader for spotting emerging trends that maximize revenue potential, while identifying issues and topics that will shape the future direction of the industry.

Known as Cogent Reports, our syndicated studies provide a powerful platform for valuable insight, whether you leverage the continuous fielding, up-to-the-minute measurement of our BEAT dashboards or the annual reports that tell marketers exactly where and how to reach key audiences. They provide the perspective necessary to strengthen brands and products by focusing on attitudes, behaviors and the most effective way to influence target audiences.

The topics covered vary from year to year, depending on the issues currently facing the industries we serve. However, we are committed to exploring the areas that align with our expertise to:

  • Measure brand awareness, strength and perceptions
  • Identify current and emerging industry trends
  • Benchmark key areas of growth
  • Provide competitive intelligence

The value of these tools is second to none.