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The energy industry sits at the forefront of global consciousness, facing demands for change and a continually increasing level of complexity.

The market researchers at Market Strategies International provide the intelligence you need to successfully manage even the most complex energy industry research issues, such as technology change, public opinion and policy issues, brand development, customer segmentation and evolving customer satisfaction requirements.

Our energy research consultants have a deep understanding of your industry. Through extensive experience and investment in our energy issue knowledge base, we have become a leader in the field of energy market research. Our professionals work closely with marketing scientists to achieve an optimal blend of industry knowledge and statistical rigor. Our comprehensive approach and resources give us the tools we need to design customized energy market analysis—traditional and innovative—and to provide solutions that address your needs in a time-sensitive and cost-effective manner.


Our expertise extends to a broad range of energy market research consulting services and sectors, including:

  • Electric and Natural Gas Industry

    Production/generation, transmission, grid management (ISOs) and distribution utilities
  • Energy Innovation

    Smart grid and smart meters, energy efficiency, demand response, distributed energy and renewable/green power as well as environmentalism as it impacts the industry
  • Trade Associations

    Electricity, natural gas and coal
  • Petroleum Companies

    Upstream and downstream participants


Market Strategies has also mastered the most effective ways to reach out to and engage your research audiences. We know the best times, places and methods to elicit optimal feedback from:

  • Energy decision-makers
  • Consumers/residential customers
  • Small and medium business customers
  • Corporate/large business customers
  • Energy industry executives and managers
  • Opinion leaders/policy makers

Cogent Reports™

Our syndicated energy research is committed to keeping clients abreast of emerging trends that maximize revenue potential, while identifying issues and topics that will shape the future direction of the industry. Learn how Cogent Reports provides the perspective necessary to strengthen brands and influence target audiences.


Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement™: Residential
A new industry-leading body of research with a 360º approach designed to transform how electric and gas utility providers measure and track brand trust, customer engagement, satisfaction and relationship strength with residential customers across 130 utilities.

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Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement™: Business
This report provides a comprehensive view into utilities’ relationships with their commercial customers, which includes operational satisfaction, product experience and brand trust.

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Relationship™ (ECR) Scores