Utilities Face a Widening Communication Gap

Utility communication professionals need to become more strategic as technology changes the way customers want to access information.

Utilities Face a Widening Communication Gap

Utilities have a widening communication gap with their customers, hindering utilities’ ability to engage with customers and build brand trust.

According to our recent Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement™: Residential study, 54% of residential customers want to hear from their utility via digital media—email, texts, mobile apps, online advertising, social media or websites—making digital communication the most preferred of any communication channel. And yet, only 33% of consumers recall any digital communication from their utility.

Communication Medium Response

That’s a significant mismatch of 21 percentage points. Today, utility communication strategies are stuck in the past, at a time prior to the rise of the smartphone and the tablet. In order to remain relevant, utilities need to develop communication plans that embrace new technologies to address consumer expectations of the new millennium.

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