European Pensions Open to Adding New Managers to Their Lineups

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European Pensions Adding Managers to Their Lineups

This year, there is an increased opportunity for new manager additions among international institutional investors. Significantly fewer institutions are likely to add zero new managers to their lineups in the next 12 months when compared with two years ago. Organizations in the UK, Switzerland and France are most likely to anticipate additions to their lineup, expecting to add a mean of 0.8, 0.6 and 0.6 managers, respectively. How can firms seize this opportunity and increase their share of the market?

Number of New Managers Likely to Add in Next 12 Months

The criteria institutions use to evaluate asset managers before adding, or conversely removing, them from their lineups differ by country. To capitalize on the opportunities and maximize their consideration potential, asset management firms must ensure that they are meeting these criteria. Continue reading

Not All Institutional Investors Are Alike

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Uncertainty in China. Falling oil prices. Volatility in US equity markets. The Federal Reserve raising interest rates for the first time since 2008. All of these factors converge to create an unsettling environment for institutional investors. As a result, these investors are re-examining their portfolios and reassessing their use of different asset classes, investment products and asset managers. But the needs, perceptions and behaviors of institutional investors vary dramatically by asset size and category, proving the adage that not all investors are alike.

For asset managers serving the institutional market, the need for focus has never been greater. Determining the right business strategy, product offering and competitive positioning is to a great extent dictated by the segment of the market being targeted. Firms can choose to develop a scalable approach for the smaller institutions or pursue the polar opposite with customized solutions for the largest institutional clients. In either case, understanding the forces driving market needs and the factors impacting the competitive environment is critical. Continue reading

Institutional Relationships Poised to Grow

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Watering flowers with a watering canOur US Institutional Investor Brandscape® report was released to clients today!  In the full report, we cover the behaviors and attitudes of senior investment professionals across defined benefit (DB) pension plans, and private and public foundation and endowments. This year, we found that institutional investors, particularly those managing smaller asset pools, are less likely to anticipate adding new managers to their lineups in the next 12 months than they were a year ago.

Rather, in welcome news for incumbent providers, both pensions and non-profits report a stronger intention to boost their investments with their current managers or change the mix of investments with the firms on their lineups, suggesting that existing client-manager relationships are stable and poised to grow. Continue reading