Looking at Facebook’s “Look Back” Videos

2014-02-facebookFacebook is 10, and they celebrated by releasing a new video app. If you’ve been on Facebook this week, you have undoubtedly seen it—it’s responsible for the “My Facebook Movie” posts that have been ever-present on the site the past couple of days. I’ve seen two dozen of them so far among my circle of friends. And every one of them has been perfectly charming—a beautiful (and often touching) little summary of that user’s life as seen through the lens of Facebook. The videos are spreading like wildfire on the site (and, frankly, I’m amazed that all that video sharing and viewing hasn’t crashed the servers yet).

On my commute into work this morning, I was thinking about why they’ve been so successful and seem to be truly delighting users…

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Deeper Insights through Online Communities

2014-01-communitiesAt its core, market research is about mining the hearts and minds of groups that share something in common. For decades, market researchers have been unearthing insights and driving innovation by identifying and conversing with groups of people who have shared backgrounds, behaviors, desires or beliefs.

These types of conversations are nothing new. But, a more recent trend is the practice of gathering consumers in online or insight communities, where the conversation is not only between researcher and consumer, but where consumers are driving conversations with each other as well.

When it comes to health, it is quite natural for people to seek out others. And, since online environments and social networking have forever changed the way consumers gather information and engage, online communities are not only a natural transition, but a necessary evolution. In online communities, consumers work together on solutions to their mutual concerns and share their perspectives and experiences. Their dialogue with each other matters. And, of course, market researchers can gain a wealth of information from these conversations which ultimately drive new approaches, products and innovation.

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