No Longer Optional: Using Social Media to Reach Ready-to-act Investors

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While social media use is the norm among affluent investors overall, recent findings reveal that ready-to-act (RTA) investors—those who plan to make a new investment in the next three months—are using social media at even higher levels. RTA investors report using at least 2.4 social media sites each month on average compared with an average of only 1.8 social sites for affluent investors who do not plan to make an investment decision in the near-term. More specifically, compared with all affluent investors, RTA investors over-index on visits to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. A social media presence is no longer optional but is quickly becoming a mandatory component of a distributor’s or product provider’s successful marketing plan and media buying strategy.

Looking at the four major social media platforms in more detail reveals two distinct use tiers:

  • Tier 1, Facebook and YouTube: Used by a majority of affluent investors, with each becoming a nearly ubiquitous presence across the RTA segments.
  • Tier 2, LinkedIn and Twitter: Draw dramatically higher use among RTA investors compared with the broader audience of all affluent investors. This highlights the potential value offered by these platforms in targeting an audience that is ready to make an investment decision

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Affluent Ready-to-Act Investors Are Prime Media Targets

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Ready-to-Act Investors

Only a minority of affluent investors are likely to make an additional investment in the near future, so it is imperative for asset managers and their agencies to equip themselves with the insights required to optimally target this critical audience. Based on purchase intent, we’ve identified three segments of “ready-to-act” (RTA) investors who are likely to open an investment account or invest in a mutual fund or ETF in the next three months.

The good news is that these RTA investors are prime media targets, according to data from our Media Consumption™ Investor portal. These RTA investors are more likely to use a variety of media outlets for business and financial news versus affluent investors overall.


RTA investors visit more websites each month than their non-ready-to-act counterparts. Those looking to invest in an ETF visit the CNN, CNN Money and Fox News websites, making those great options for advertisers targeting this segment. Outreach to investors looking to open an investment account should include the CNN, Bloomberg, Fox News and MSNBC sites, while asset managers seeking new mutual fund investors should target CNN, Yahoo! Finance and Fox News. Continue reading