Richard Clarke

About Richard Clarke

Richard Clarke is a vice president and head of the Insight Communities practice at Market Strategies-Morpace. He has nearly 25 years global research experience having lived and worked on three continents and traveled and conducted research in nearly 60 countries. Rich leads our Insight Communities practice across all industries and has broad experience establishing communities and other research solutions in Automotive, Consumer & Retail, Energy, Financial Services, Health, and Tech/Telco. Prior to joining Market Strategies-Morpace, Rich worked at Vision Critical in North America and also oversaw the Asian and Greater China business.

How to Develop an Ongoing Dialogue with Customers That Drives ROI

Insight Communities: A Proven Solution to Customer Insight with Serious ROI

This is the era of give your customers what they want or risk losing their attention or favor. Customer research is increasingly important to provide your company with the information it needs to maintain and attract happy customers. One challenge companies often face is the cost of implementing a reliable way to engage with their customers to drive insight that also provides a return on investment (ROI). Insight Communities are a highly effective and reliable way to engage with your customers and have been proven to drive positive ROI.

Insight Communities are an online research solution that is used to consistently engage with and provide insight on the desires and needs of your customers, stakeholders and shareholders. These communities are built to help companies answer the business issues at hand with engaged members who, ultimately, drive advocacy for their brand. Insight Communities are organizational assets that both inform business decisions and create brand advocacy among members. Continue reading