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Nicole McCoy is an analyst in the Telecommunications Research division at Market Strategies International. She is responsible for study design, questionnaire development, data analysis, trend spotting and report building. Since joining Market Strategies in 2003, Nicole has served in a variety of capacities across many industries including Consumer & Retail, Energy and Healthcare. She is based in the company’s Little Rock office and is working toward her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Honor College. When Nicole is not conducting market research, she spends time with her husband, daughter and their two beagle-mix rescue pups. She organizes charitable events as well.

Xfinity Mobile’s Surprising Impact on the Cable Industry

Consumers now see Comcast as a major Quad Play provider, new data shows  

Editor’s Note: This is the final installment of a three-part blog series based on a new, independent research study called “The Xfinity Mobile Effect.” As Comcast marks the one-year anniversary of its Xfinity Mobile launch, this series explores the success and competitive threat of cable companies offering wireless service. This research was featured on Fierce Wireless.

Since the arrival of the so-called “cord cutters,” many experts have been predicting the decline of the cable industry. But rather than back down, many cable MSOs have fought back not just through technological innovation, but also by expanding their businesses. Today, the cable companies experiencing the biggest growth are those that have some sort of bundling offerings, providing a slew of complementary services to customers.

Indeed, cable companies are in a race to establish themselves in the Quad Play business. The ability to provide TV, wireless, broadband and phone services has become a competitive advantage in a world where consumers are increasingly seeking out better deals and the convenience of doing business with just one company.

The latest company to enter Quad Play is Comcast, and the plan appears to be working so far. A new study conducted by the technology and telecom market research division of Market Strategies International shows compelling evidence that with the launch of Xfinity Mobile, Comcast has set itself as a viable Quad Play competitor.

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I’ll Take My TV A La Carte, Please!

2015-10-tv-a-la-carteThe buzz around picking your television packages a la carte in the future is getting louder. As a consumer, would you prefer to pick and choose the channels you watch, paying for only what you want, or do you prefer the current set up of pre-packaged channels, including those which you may or may not ever watch? It seems that big cable/satellite companies are worried about the implications of providing an a la carte television package to its customers, and they have been fighting it over the last few years. The potential option of having more choice and control over the channels consumers purchase could change the entire industry, and that may be exactly what many consumers desire.

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