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Breanne Armstrong is a senior analyst in the Financial Services Research division. Before joining Market Strategies, Breanne worked at J.D. Power for over 6 years, most recently as a senior analyst and research manager on multiple syndicated insurance studies, including health, life, auto and property insurance, and auto and property claims. Prior to joining J.D. Power, Breanne worked in workforce development as a project coordinator, research associate and case manager. Breanne earned a Master of Public Administration degree from Wayne State University and a bachelor’s in psychology and English from Western Michigan University. Breanne is a craft beer enthusiast and a huge fan of Detroit sports teams.

Opportunity is Knocking—Are You Listening?

Opportunity Knocks—Are You Listening?Addressing Hidden Needs in a Mature Insurance Marketplace

A recent TechCrunch article spotlights Lemonade, an insurance upstart that is boldly reimagining the customer experience. The young firm has already made waves with its use of cloud technology and artificial intelligence to sell insurance, and now it is going a step further by crowdsourcing a full rewrite of its insurance policy from scratch, with the goal of devising documents that consumers can actually understand.

Lemonade has correctly identified a critical pain point for insurance consumers—the underlying product is begging for innovation. Traditional policy documents are inscrutable and full of legalese and were never written with customers in mind. The policy is a great place to start the insurance product revolution, but does Lemonade go far enough?
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