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Alex Bonello is a research director in Market Strategies’ Life Sciences division. As an enthusiastic and curious researcher, she has spent her career absorbing as much research and therapeutic knowledge as possible. Her primary experience has been in healthcare research, focusing on global pharmaceutical clients and a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Alex has a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a concentration in business from Albion College. Her background allows her to seamlessly connect results to business needs and provide valuable insights for her project team and clients. When not using her design sense on client deliverables, Alex is often found redesigning and rearranging her home where she lives with her husband, Mike, their daughter, Lucy, and two dogs, Macaroni and Foxy Roxy.

The Hope That Fuels Pharma

The Hope that Fuels Pharma

The Emotional Investment Behind the Development of New Therapies   

Like the old TV commercial, I sometimes joke, “I’m not a doctor but I play one on TV.” What I really do is healthcare market research for the pharmaceutical industry, which requires a deep understanding of many diseases, diagnostics and treatments. I help pharmaceutical clients understand what patients need and how healthcare providers make decisions.

Sometimes people are judgmental about the pharmaceutical industry…

I know that healthcare is a hot-button issue. I understand, because the high cost of drugs for patients and families is something we hear echoed by both patients and physicians in research all the time. Physicians often provide the caveat “assuming insurance will cover this…” before explaining how they would approach prescribing a drug or when describing product preferences. There’s no doubt that this is an important issue, but in my experience, the motivation to market drugs is not all about money.

…But they may feel differently if they saw the passion that I see daily.
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The Benefits of Intergenerational Market Research Teams


There’s a strange phenomenon in life: When you’re young, you can’t wait to be a grownup and then all of a sudden you want the aging process to slooooow down! I think about that sometimes with regard to my career, and I even find myself wondering how my colleagues perceive my age. We’ve all been taught the importance of looking professional if you want to be taken seriously, but you can’t change your age with a shopping spree.

There’s a lot of media buzz about generational differences, especially about Millennials in the workforce. Stereotypes have emerged painting a picture of an entitled generation that is difficult to work with. Are we really that bad? Generations colliding is inevitable, and it got me thinking about the characteristics of successful intergenerational research teams at Market Strategies International. This is a subject that my colleague and friend, Nicky Halverson, and I were IM’ing about recently.

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