Measuring Physician Relationships in a Changing Pharma Environment

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The world is always changing, and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception.

The Way Things Were

Customer experience research in pharma used to be heavily centered on sales representative performance because they were the “face” of the pharma company and the primary touch point with physicians. They had significant opportunity to form close, personal relationships. Research studies focused on whether sales reps were knowledgeable and professional, respected the physician’s time and helped enable physicians to better take care of patients. But a lot has changed in the past few years…

The Way Things Are 

Just five years ago, 65% of physicians were considered accessible according to the ZS AccessMonitor™ report, but only 44% are considered accessible in 2016. That’s a 21% drop over a four-year timeframe. (Yikes!) ZS lists many environmental changes responsible for the decline, including government restrictions on gift-giving, an increased number of appointments with patients per day due to the Affordable Care Act and teaching hospitals that discourage rep access to physicians. These have disrupted the traditional pharma-physician relationship, shifting influence to non-rep touch points such as digital channels, clinical trials and events.

The Solution

Given the increased importance of non-personal channels, pharma companies need to get a better read on the entire physician experience, which is easier said than done.

At the recent Pharma Market Research Conference (PMRC), Dr. Dawn Palace and Brad Perkins of Market Strategies shared a model that measures the holistic physician experience from multiple levels. By creating a “web” of interconnected relationships between many drivers, we can predict changes to several outcomes based on individual channel performance. The insights identify where the most significant interactions happen with physicians across the full experience, pinpoint what motivates physician loyalty and cultivate a positive interaction at every touch point.

Measuring Physician Relationships in a Changing Pharma Environment

If you didn’t make it to PMRC—or if you did but missed our session—please view our on-demand webinar, Beyond Sales Effectiveness: A Holistic Measure of Stakeholder Experience. You will learn how to drive sustainable loyalty by not only measuring all of the touch points that impact a physician’s experience with your company but identifying which actions will have the greatest ROI.

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