Where are Affluent Millennials Going for Business and Financial News?

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Millennial ImageWhile traditional and cable television networks claim the greatest reach among affluent Millennial investors, the youngest adult generation selects a social media site—Facebook (9.7%)—as their most valuable source of business and financial news. Two networks follow suit, with CNN just barely outpacing ABC (at 8.4% vs. 8.1% respectively). Combined, these three sources account for more than one-fourth of the sources deemed to be most valuable by affluent Millennials. This distribution is vastly different from that of older generations, where the Fox News network tops the list, followed by ABC and NBC.

The affluent Millennial cohort has proven to require a sophisticated level of understanding and analysis to determine and target the media properties representing the best value for this segment. As asset managers and distributors are planning their media buying strategies, it is important to know where their target audiences are looking for business and financial information as they attempt to cut through the clutter.

Millennial Investors Sources for Bussiness and Financial News


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