Advisor Mobile App Use Set to Explode

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Mobile App Usage

Mobile apps are on the cusp of becoming an integral part of advisors’ professional routines, according to the results of our newly released Advisor Touchpoints™ study. Provider mobile apps considered best-in-class spawn an average of 5.8 advisor visits each month, while the more traditional best-in-class provider websites garner a comparable pull with an average of 7.1 advisor visits per month.

Advisors largely seek similar types of information from the two mediums—including product information, client-ready marketing, economic information, portfolio analysis tools and thought leadership—making the case that provider mobile apps and websites are interchangeable, underscoring the need to create and maintain an integrated approach to content and design across both platforms.

Meanwhile, reliance on mobile apps is positioned to grow, with one-fifth (19%) of advisors using mobile apps as frequently or more often than websites. Nonetheless, the best-in-class mobile app has yet to be developed. Nearly half (45%) of advisors who use apps struggle to name a leading provider, showing the field is wide open for app design, engineering and innovation.


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