Day Two: Live Blogging from @TMRE14

Mark Willard and Mary Lee, AAA, will take the stage @TMRE in one hour to share an amazing case study about customer experience: “Revolutionizing CX: How AAA Turned Satisfied Customers into Loyal Advocates” at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 21 in Estate 1. 


The gist? AAA needed transaction research to fix customer issues and strategic relationship research to link micro-feedback to operations. By designing a new measurement program and a built-in, closed-loop system, Market Strategies helped AAA revolutionize its member experience program and empower employees to make lasting improvements in customer experience. As Mary puts it, “Partnering with one firm to do transaction-level and strategic research is like having your cake and eating it, too.” 

There are so many interesting stories at TMRE. Here’s one I found particularly engaging:

10:30 a.m. EST on October 21

Stacey Symonds, Orbitz. Topic: ‘Mobilification’ of Customer Service Surveys

Orbitz had the same question that most of us face: Do you stay with the desktop-centric surveys that you know and trust, or do you allow customers to do a survey the way they want to do it, which is increasingly in mobile channels.

So Orbitz looked at its own world…

  • Today, 90% of their online travel bookers have smartphones and 80% have tablets.
  • Over a third of total bookings are now made from a mobile device.
  • Over half of consumers open email from Orbitz on a mobile device (and email is their main survey recruitment channel)

So doing mobile surveys is an imperative. They tested mobile-adapted and mobile-optimized surveys versus traditional. Mobile-adapted: Detects device, general rendering, touch friendly. Mobile-optimized: More responsive to a specific device. The results were telling:

  • Completion rates – these increased 6% overall and over 10% on mobile.
  • Mix of mobile vs desktop – mobile increased from 23% in 2013 to 33% in 2014.
  • Responses – they saw mobile providing an improved NPS, which aligned with the general measurement of higher satisfaction with the mobile channel.
  • Profiles – more women use mobile surveys, which mirrors booking behavior, and Orbitz saw an increase in responses from lower-age categories as well, which is an important demo to capture but not so easy to achieve on desktop-only surveys.

5:15 p.m. EST on October 21: Cocktail Reception

Bay City Rollers and Simple Minds have got nothing on Paul Donagher, our resident Scot, who borrowed a booth neighbor’s guitar and played an 80-minute unplugged set…well, OK, maybe it was more like strumming for awhile…


Who knew Twinkies pair perfectly with wine? That would be Mark Willard and Paul Hartley. 🙂

willard hartley twinkies

For yesterday’s TMRE insight, read my Day One blog.

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