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Oncology Image Study

Market Strategies' seventh annual Oncology Image Study identifies the pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical companies that have the best overall image.

The 2012 study is being conducted with 350 physicians, 100 oncology nurses and 100 oncology practice managers. Respondents evaluate more than 30 attributes that encompass sales professionals, corporate equity and R&D attributes. These ratings are used to determine which measures drive a pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical company's image and performance.

The Oncology Image Study helps companies better understand their strengths and weaknesses among key stakeholders. It can be used by companies to effectively drive performance measures, influencing decision makers to engage in more positive behaviors toward high performing companies. It also can be used to develop strategies for sales reps to become more effective in the present and future.

Focus on image leadership can lead to increased customer loyalty, peer recommendations, increased willingness to participate in company-sponsored programs and clinical trials, and increased access for sales representatives from that company.

Benefits to purchasing the study include:

  • Detailed results for all companies with insights as to why the top-rated companies lead the way.
  • Identification of the relative impacts of drivers on corporate image and key attributes.
  • The ability to benchmark against competitors on attribute performance and the comparison of relative positions companies have on each attribute.
  • Detailed benchmarking to past studies.
  • NEW FOR 2012—Evaluation of image among several smaller biotech companies with pipeline or launched oncology/hematology products.

With your subscription to the 2012 Oncology Image Study you will receive:

Final Report
The report includes all findings and in-depth analyses including:

  • Image Rankings and Ratings: Ratings are calculated using a derived importance analysis that incorporates regression and factor analysis to identify the thematically linked groups of variables that contribute most to overall Image in combination with performance metric ratings.
  • Key Driver Analysis: Market Strategies’ key driver analysis allows companies to see how they perform on the attributes that matter most to their customers.

On site presentation upon request (travel costs billed separate)

For additional information on the Oncology Image Study, as well as other studies such as the 2012 ASCO syndicated study, contact:

Katy Palmer, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Healthcare Division

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