Market Strategies International

Quantitative Data Collection

Market Strategies International provides qualitative and quantitative solutions–from traditional to innovative–to capture the data you need.

We conduct research in more than 75 countries across eight global regions and have a deep understanding of cultural differences and special market research considerations in our data collection methods. Whether you need to reach customers and businesses in domestic or international markets, we use a full array of web, phone and mail methodologies to provide timely and relevant market survey information.


Each year, we complete 300,000 web surveys, 1.2 million telephone interviews—half of which are conducted from our client-dedicated call centers—and 30,000 mail surveys. We also conduct thousands of multimode studies, focus groups, in-depth interviews and communications dial testing groups. These capabilities allow us to manage most of our studies internally to ensure the highest quality control.


We use a high-capacity, extremely robust web interviewing platform that runs the IBM SPSS Data Collection software and supports secure, 24/7 data collection around the globe in virtually any language. The result is a fast and efficient process from questionnaire design to data delivery and market research analysis.


We manage our own Custom and Integrated Telephone Research Centers and use the latest sampling databases, IBM SPSS Data Collection software and predictive dialing systems. Our centers include field interviewing staff and all supporting management, quality assurance and supervisory personnel. View a full list of our centers.


Our data collection platform was designed from the ground up with built-in multimode capabilities. Each year, we conduct dozens of studies that combine telephone-, web- and mail-based methodologies.


Market Strategies has a multinational network of recruiters, facilities, labs and moderators/ethnographers. We promote the industry's leading qualitative practices, and our moderators' understanding of human behavior, effective methods and industry knowledge elicit uncommonly rich customer insight.

Social Media

We offer three tools to leverage the information your customers are freely sharing online: Conversation Posts to monitor and interpret online conversations, Netnography to reveal authentic consumer behavior online and Online Communities to unite customers online to capture market insight.

Research Operations

Our research operations include 1,300 professionals who are dedicated to delivering high-quality data on schedule and on budget. In addition to data collection, our capabilities include:

Sample Design and Statistical Support

Including sample size estimates, calculation of survey weights and survey errors.

Data Management

Including computer-assisted instrument programming, tabulation generation, dataset management, online survey data presentation as well as database development and maintenance.

Data Processing

Including data entry, verbatim coding, open-ended response cleaning and survey sample profile reporting.

Data Delivery

Via secure online portals that support interactive analysis, custom reporting, survey progress tracking and online document storage.

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