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Recent Library Items

Uncertainty Shifting the Institutional Market

With a field period that enables analysis of the impact of the election results, this year's US Institutional Investor Brandscape captures the true sentiment of institutional investors during a period of uncertainty. We uncovered fascinating shifts in mindset and practices which will have long-term implications for demand of investment products and services.

Advisor Marketing Recall: 2016 Year in Review

Based on our 2016 Advisor Touchpoints™ data, this white paper provides insights into the mutual fund, ETF and variable annuity providers that created the strongest connections with advisors as well as the share of voice achieved by leading providers across nine individual marketing touches.

Tackling Uncertainty in the DC Market

The DOL fiduciary ruling has altered financial services in long-lasting ways. Although providers may be trying, half of DC advisors aren't feeling support when it comes to the new regulation. This lack of perceived support in a time of great change will undoubtedly affect advisor perceptions and loyalty of the providers they work with regardless of the future of the ruling.

Expanding a Global Brand Footprint

Firms can have strong brand awareness in the US but fail to capture mindshare internationally. With global expansion a strategic priority for one of our clients, they opted to establish a new name serving clients across all markets. See how Cogent Reports helped.

Capturing Assets in a Changing Investor Market

Regulatory changes, technology advancements, demographic shifts and geopolitical events are turning the financial services industry on its head. Yet successful financial services firms are adapting, leveraging these industry forces to enhance their competitive advantage. Want to know their secrets?

2016 Utility Customer Champions, Year-End Results and Insights

In their third year of trending research, the Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement™ benchmark studies have blazed a new trail in brand and customer management. Learn which utilities are this year's Customer Champions and where the industry is heading in the future.

Unlocking DC Growth Opportunities in an Evolving Regulatory Era

The DOL Fiduciary Ruling and heightened scrutiny on all aspects of the retirement industry have many DC plan providers on the defensive, focusing on ways to avoid the next potential pitfall. Yet financial advisors selling DC plans and the participants that invest with them are offering up ideas for growth to providers who are willing to listen.

Leveraging Quantitative and Attitudinal Data to Improve Marketing Effectiveness

As competition for the attention and assets controlled by financial advisors intensifies, asset managers are searching for ways to better identify, target and communicate with advisors about their products and services. This case study reveals how one client utilized our products to increase marketing effectiveness and ROI.

One Size Does Not Fit All DC Sponsors

This white paper based on findings from the Retirement Planscape report provides unique insight for DC investment managers and plan providers to help shape plan sponsor support.