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Cogent Reports

Our syndicated research studies, known as Cogent Reports™, provide accurate, actionable perspective and insights.

Cogent Reports are a cost-effective solution for firms seeking valuable market insight. They provide the perspective necessary to strengthen brands and products, by focusing on attitudes, behaviors and the most effective way to influence target audiences. The topics covered vary from year to year, depending on the issues currently facing the industries we serve. However, we are committed to exploring the areas that align with our expertise to:

  • Measure brand awareness, strength and perceptions
  • Identify current and emerging industry trends
  • Benchmark key areas of growth
  • Provide competitive intelligence

Wealth Reports

    We work with advisors, investors, plan sponsors and consultants to present a broad overview of the financial industry and to closely examine emerging trends. View our full wealth management syndicated research catalog:  2017 Catalog | 2018 Catalog

    Choose your audience:

      • Advisor Brandscape®

        Identify trends in investment product use and adoption, along with benchmarks and ranking of leading mutual fund and ETF providers across a comprehensive set of critical brand metrics. An annual study.

      • Advisor Media Buying Guide™

        The Advisor Media Buying Guide™ provides an unequaled view of the media preferences and consumption habits of financial advisors. The report pinpoints the sources advisors rely on most and enables financial services providers to optimize their media buys and maximize their reach.

      • Advisor Media Performance Tracker

        Media properties trying to reach financial advisors (FAs) need the Advisor Media Performance Tracker to prove their value to advertisers, stay ahead of competitors and profile advisors for more accurate segmented ad strategies

      • Advisor Touchpoints™

        Back by popular demand! Learn overall best practices and specific performance outcomes of leading investment product providers in their outreach and communication efforts with advisors.

      • Cogent Advisor Segments™

        Cogent Advisor Segments™ provides a practical, tactical and accurate solution for financial firms that want to increase the efficacy of their marketing to advisors. The Cogent team will incorporate a segment indicator into your CRM database so that you can target your marketing outreach to specific advisors based on how they prefer to receive and consume information from asset managers.

      • Cogent Beat™ Advisor

        Gain exclusive and customized access to critical market insight and individual company performance on a continuous basis throughout the year.

      • Cutting Through the Marketing Clutter™

        Examine the full spectrum of marketing material provided to advisors, from email and white papers to provider websites and mobile apps.

      • Media Consumption™ Advisor Data Portal

        A first-of-Its-kind online tool for continuously monitoring media usage patterns and preferences among financial advisors.

      • The Advisor of Tomorrow™

        Advances in technology, tightening fiduciary regulations, and new expectations from the Millennial generation are raising the standard of investment advice and causing financial advisors (FAs) to significantly adapt their strategies.

      • The Future of the Financial Advisor™

        This three-part study is designed to help firms stay ahead of the changing advisor landscape and develop effective strategies to support advisors in the future. This report quantifies and monitors the impact of key issues facing the financial advisory marketplace.

      • Variable Annuity Brandscape™

        Explore trends in awareness, perception and usage of, as well as share of assets and loyalty to the top providers in the variable annuity (VA) category.

      • Cogent Beat™ Investor

        Gain exclusive and customized access to critical market insights and individual company performance measures on a continuous basis throughout the year.

      • Investor Brand Builder

        Investor Brand Builder™ provides a holistic overview of important trends affecting the affluent investor market and a customized evaluation of your brand health to enhance investor segmentation, improve marketing and communication, identify opportunities to grow market share and boost profitability.

      • Investor Rollover Assets in Motion™

        Size the rollover IRA market and identify opportunities to attract rollover assets and evaluate the firms best positioned to capture rollover funds.

      • Media Consumption™ Investor Data Portal

        A first-of-its-kind online tool for continuously monitoring media usage patterns and preferences among affluent investors.

      • The Advisor of Tomorrow™

        Advances in technology, tightening fiduciary regulations, and new expectations from the Millennial generation are raising the standard of investment advice and causing financial advisors (FAs) to significantly adapt their strategies.

      • Cutting Through the Institutional Marketing Clutter™

        Examines the full spectrum of marketing material provided to institutional investors, from email and white papers to provider websites and webinars. The study explores the characteristics of the communications that stand out in institutional investors' minds and the most effective strategies for strengthening institutional investors' engagement.

      • DC Market 360°™

        Acquiring new business in the defined contribution (DC) market is a complicated matter, involving multiple influencers and decision-makers. DC Market 360° examines the process of evaluating and selecting DC plan providers and investment managers from three critical perspectives.

      • DC Participant Planscape™

        Benchmark your participants' satisfaction against key competitors and identify opportunities to cross-sell products, attract rollover dollars and increase participant engagement among 401(k) participants. An annual study.

      • International Institutional Investor Brandscape®

        Discover overall trends in asset allocation and investment strategies, the variables that lead to asset manager selection, and the current state of brand equity, differentiation and loyalty in this increasingly global market.

      • Retirement Plan Advisor Trends™

        Explore the attitudes, behaviors and preferences of the most critical players in the distribution of DC plans.

      • Retirement Planscape®

        Identify competitive strengths and weaknesses in brand, loyalty and key experience metrics, drill into the aspects leading plan sponsors consider when switching providers and the most important criteria for choosing a new provider, and examine the usage and perceptions of DC investment managers from the perspective of investment decision-makers within organizations offering 401(k) plan.

      • US Institutional Investor Brandscape™

        Explore US-based institutional investors' awareness and perception of asset managers, as well as selection criteria and decision drivers among public and private pension funds, endowments and foundations. An annual study.

    Health Reports

    • Hospital Brandscape™

      A new industry benchmarking tool designed specifically for hospital executives who seek to include the perspective of consumers in the assessment and measurement of critical brand metrics associated with their respective institutions.

    • Pharma Engage--Oncology & Hematology

      Back by popular demand! This report helps oncology companies maximize engagement with oncologists and hematologists by identifying areas of company performance that most impact corporate image and HCPs' willingness to engage.

    Energy Reports

    • Unmanaged Utility Account Business Segmentation™

      The Unmanaged Utility Account Business Segmentation™ report provides subscribers with a detailed understanding of how unmanaged business accounts, typically small to mid-sized businesses, engage with their utility. The report includes a new segmentation approach allowing utilities to move beyond NAICS codes to more effectively increase the understanding of the unique needs and engagement opportunities of each segment.

    • Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement™: Business

      The Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement: Business report helps utilities confidently invest in product and service offerings that drive customer satisfaction, engagement and brand value. Our proprietary Engaged Customer Relationship (ECR) metric helps utility leaders diagnose and understand the opportunities to unlock customer and franchise value.

    • Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement™: Residential

      The industry-leading body of research with a 360º approach designed to transform how electric and gas utility providers measure and track brand trust, customer engagement, satisfaction and relationship strength with residential customers across 129 utilities.

    Tech & Telecom Reports

    • StreamOn: Understanding the Streaming Video Consumer

      StreamOn provides the data and insight into the consumer needs driving the rapidly changing and increasingly competitive video marketplace. Subscribe by May 26 to give input what is asked during the study.