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Cogent Reports

Our syndicated research studies, known as Cogent Reports™, provide accurate, actionable perspective and insights.

Cogent Reports are a cost-effective solution for firms seeking valuable market insight. They provide the perspective necessary to strengthen brands and products, by focusing on attitudes, behaviors and the most effective way to influence target audiences. The topics covered vary from year to year, depending on the issues currently facing the industries we serve. However, we are committed to exploring the areas that align with our expertise to:

  • Measure brand awareness, strength and perceptions
  • Identify current and emerging industry trends
  • Benchmark key areas of growth
  • Provide competitive intelligence

Wealth Reports

    We work with advisors, investors, plan sponsors and consultants to present a broad overview of the financial industry and to closely examine emerging trends. View our full wealth management syndicated research catalog:  2014 Catalog  |  2015 Preliminary Catalog

    Choose your audience:

      • Advisor Brandscape®

        Identify trends in investment product use and adoption, along with benchmarks and ranking of leading mutual fund, ETF and VA providers across a comprehensive set of critical brand metrics. An annual study. Available in 2014, a new and improved customizable online reporting system.

      • Advisor Channel Migration Trends™

        Explore advisors' attitudes regarding their current firm affiliation as well as the factors that lead to and influence decisions to move within and across distribution channels.

      • Advisor Touchpoints™ Segments

        Utilize advisor segments to maximize the efficacy of investment product marketing and more effectively customize marketing materials to meet the individual business needs of each segment.

      • Advisor Touchpoints™ Strategies

        Learn overall best practices and specific performance outcomes of leading investment product providers in their outreach and communication efforts with advisors.

      • Advisor Trends in Managed Accounts™

        Evaluate the usage of and preferences for managed account platforms including Rep as PM, SMA, UMA and mutual fund/ETF advisory programs.

      • Cogent Beat™ Advisor

        New in 2014! Gain exclusive and customized access to critical market insight and individual company performance on a continuous basis throughout the year.

      • Cutting through the Marketing Clutter™: Investment Products

        Gain insight to advisors' perceptions and use of current marketing collateral and explore the specific elements required to produce the most impactful materials.

      • Patterns In Advisor Media Consumption™

        Uncover optimal advisor targets for advertising, content and other outreach strategies as well as advisor preferences for various types of media.

      • Trends in ETF Usage™

        Benefit from an in-depth qualitative analysis of ETF usage among advisors, including the evolving role of active ETFs, rules-based ETFs and blended portfolios.

      • Wholesaler Quality Index™

        Uncover benchmarks on the overall effectiveness of external and internal wholesaler support and drill down into the drivers that most strongly correlate with future investment momentum.

      • Cogent Beat™ Investor

        New in 2014! Gain exclusive and customized access to critical market insights and individual company performance measures on a continuous basis throughout the year.

      • Emerging Investor Trends™

        Identify the unique approach of Gen X and Y investors to investing as well as their perceptions of distributors, mutual funds, VA and ETF providers.

      • Gender Matters: Women and Investing™

        Uncover the unique attitudes and behaviors of female investors toward top financial goals, investment risk profiles, recent and anticipated investing behavior and relationships with financial advisors.

      • Investor Brandscape®

        Identify investment trends among affluent investors, including product use, allocation and future investment potential. The study also measures investors' awareness, impression and loyalty to distributors as well as mutual fund, ETF and VA providers among affluent investors. An annual study.

      • Investor Retirement Income Trends™

        Examine attitudes, behaviors and strategies to generate income and the appetite for/interest in retirement income products among affluent investors.

      • Investor Touchpoints™

        Isolate key benchmarks and best practices to create and optimize marketing and sales communication with individual investors to attract and retain assets.

      • Rollover Assets in Motion™

        Size the rollover IRA market and identify opportunities to attract rollover assets and evaluate the firms best positioned to capture rollover funds.

      • The Self-Directed Investor™

        Insights into optimal marketing and outreach strategies for firms targeting investors who make their own investment decisions without the assistance of a financial advisor.

      • Consultant & Gatekeeper Brandscape™

        Delve into how plan provider gatekeepers, DC consultants and DB consultants identify, assess and ultimately select or recommend asset managers for their respective platforms.

      • DC Investment Manager Brandscape™

        Map the DCIO asset management landscape from the unique perspective of plan sponsor investment management specialists.

      • DC Participant Planscape™

        Benchmark your participants' satisfaction against key competitors and identify opportunities to cross-sell products, attract rollover dollars and increase participant engagement among 401(k) participants. An annual study.

      • DC Sponsor Conversations: A Seat at the Table™

        Explore the top priorities of plan sponsors representing a range of plan size segments and discover the impact of administrative fees and service quality issues.

      • International Institutional Investor Brandscape®

        Discover overall trends in asset allocation and investment strategies, the variables that lead to asset manager selection, and the current state of brand equity, differentiation and loyalty in this increasingly global market.

      • Retirement Plan Advisor Trends™

        Explore the attitudes, behaviors and preferences of the most critical players in the distribution of DC plans.

      • Retirement Planscape®

        Pinpoint competitive strengths and weaknesses in brand, loyalty and key plan sponsor experience metrics to maximize acquisition opportunities and minimize attrition in the DC retirement plan market.

      • US Institutional Investor Brandscape™

        Explore US-based institutional investors' awareness and perception of asset managers, as well as selection criteria and decision drivers among public and private pension funds, endowments and foundations. An annual study.

    Financial Reports

    • Cutting through the Marketing Clutter: Insurance Products

      Strengthen engagement among insurance agents and advisors by exploring the characteristics of current marketing collateral and identifying the specific elements required to produce the most impactful materials.

    • Fixed Annuity Brandscape™

      Explore trends in awareness, perception and usage of, as well as share of assets and loyalty to the top fixed annuity (FA) and fixed indexed annuity (FIA) providers among all current and prospective product users.

    • Merchant Paymentality™

      Evaluate and track the rapidly changing online and mobile payment ecosystem and identify which solutions are best positioned to maximize market share.

    Health Reports

    • Oncology Image Study

      Gain a better understanding of your company’s strengths and weaknesses to increase performance and influence decision makers, as well as develop more effective sales strategies among key stakeholders in oncology.

    • PAP Utilization in Cancer Care™

      For biopharmaceutical companies that manufacture and market advanced and novel cancer therapies, PAP Utilization in Cancer Care provides guidance to sponsors in designing, administering and implementing their Patient Assistance Program (PAP) to meet the continuously evolving needs of their patients, caregivers and Healthcare Provider (HCP) stakeholders.

    Energy Reports

    • Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement™

      A new industry-leading body of research with a 360º approach designed to transform how electric and gas utility providers measure and track brand trust, customer engagement, satisfaction and relationship strength with residential customers across 125 utilities.