Email Strategy Key to Optimizing Advisor Engagement

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Email Strategy is Key to Engaging Advisors

One of the first things many Americans do after they wake up is check their email, so it is no surprise that emails represent more than half of advisors’ reported monthly touches from financial services providers. Reflecting advisors’ busy schedules, a majority of advisors (56%) say email is the most effective method for financial services providers to communicate with them. This figure represents a significant increase over previous years, at the expense of more personal interactions. Furthermore, email is favored across all types of advisors. Continue reading

Advisors’ Go-to Firms for Thought Leadership

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Thought leadership serves as a leading driver of advisor consideration and loyalty, and is one of the most effective means of getting on a new advisor’s radar. That said, just a handful of firms stand out as go-to providers in this critical category. According to Cogent’s Advisor Engagement™ report, American Funds, First Trust, BlackRock, Jackson National and Fidelity Investments lead in thought-leadership distribution. In Q2 of this year, a majority of advisors said they received/downloaded thought leadership materials from these five firms in the past three months.

In terms of consumption, half of advisors read thought leadership materials from First Trust (51%), followed by 42% from American Funds and 37% from both BlackRock and J.P. Morgan Funds. In addition, First Trust had the greatest proportion of advisors who shared its thought leadership with others (19%), followed by American Funds (10%) and J.P. Morgan Funds (10%). Continue reading

Thought Leadership Is Key to Getting On New Advisors’ Radar

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Advisor Radar

In sharp contrast to other types of marketing, many advisors would read thought leadership from an unfamiliar mutual fund, ETF or VA provider. In fact, advisors prefer thought leadership and market commentary to comprise a larger percentage of the marketing content they receive in lieu of more product-specific updates.

In March, Cogent Reports conducted 18 focus groups across the US to help providers better understand how to stand out and maximize the impact of their marketing efforts. The groups were held in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles and included a representative mix of 85 advisors by channel, Cogent Advisor Segments™ (outlined below), AUM, age and industry experience. Continue reading

What’s the Big Idea?

2014-07-big-ideaFour Tips to Optimize Research-Driven Thought Leadership

Industries define “thought leaders” in many ways, but most would agree that earning that coveted designation is an important differentiator. Achieving thought leader status does not stem simply from outperforming the competition but rather from pushing the boundaries through the introduction and promotion of a particular new idea, view or method. This designation is not achieved overnight and does not last forever; it requires ongoing corporate commitment, consistency and dedication. In many cases, being perceived as a thought leader is less about reinventing one’s brand identity than injecting the company’s DNA into topics it explores and communicates.

This does not preclude a firm from expanding its current areas of expertise but firms should determine how they can best align their thought leadership efforts with their current brand strategy to ensure consistent messaging.

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